Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The approximate solution of Nonsmooth optimal control problems            0000-00-00
2    fuzzy control for poisoning-pest model            0000-00-00
3    Application of leanness measurement framework using fuzzy analytic network process¬    M.Sc.    ,    2009-06-24
4    A new approach for approximating solution of the problem finding of fundamental matrix of classic and fuzzy linear time varying systems    M.Sc.    mazandarani, mehran    2009-11-07
5    An approximate solution of an optimal control problem related to HIV infection    M.Sc.    mohebi, ali    2010-05-19
6    Optimal dietary modelling for healthy people and specific patients based on fuzzy analysis of micro and macro nutrients available in foods.    M.Sc.    Golyari, Sara    2010-08-25
7    optimal control of a class of nonlinear systems in control-affine form using extended modal series    Ph.D    Jajarmi, Amin    2010-09-14
8    The new approach for solving semi-infinite optimal control programming PDE problem    Ph.D    Mahmoudi, Mahmoud    2011-01-17
9    Fuzzy Mathematical Modelling and control of HIV infection    Ph.D    Zarei, Hassan    2011-01-18
10    Analysis of stability of diffuse parameter systems using LAMP systems    M.Sc.    abasi, mehdi    2011-02-14
11    Optimal control for a class of nonlinear parabolic problems thorough generalized quasilinearization    Ph.D    Dehghannayyeri, Mohammad    2011-03-13
12    Optimum Nutritions for diabetic patients in fuzzy environment    M.Sc.    eghbali, hossien    2011-05-01
13    Fuzzy Irrigation Scheduling    M.Sc.    tamana, morteza    2011-05-15
14    solving transportation and assignment problems with fuzzy, interval and probablistic parameters    M.Sc.    shahrian, ali    2011-05-22
15    Delay control models in treatments of HIV infection of CD4+T-cells    M.Sc.    jahangiri, zohre    2011-09-13
16    Increase Efficiency of Isfahan Steel Plant Boiler by Adjusting Excess Air    M.Sc.    parsa, mehdi    2011-09-17
17    the optimal dosage of one drug in idiopathic epilepsy patients by fuzzy control    M.Sc.    Lotfinoghabi, Somayyeh    2011-09-18
18    solving of nonlinear feedback optimal control problems by using inclusion equations and measure theory    M.Sc.    kamyabi nezhad, mohamad    2011-09-18
19    Optimal Control of a Class of Nonsmooth Systems    Ph.D    noori skandari, mohammad hadi    2011-09-20
20    Control of a Class of Nonsmooth Dynamic Systems    Ph.D    Erfanian, Hamid Reza    2011-10-17
21    optimal control of Non-Autonomous Switched Linear systems    Ph.D    Ramezanial, Mohammadreza    2011-11-03
22    A new approach for solving fuzzy controlled and optimal controlled systems    Ph.D    Najariyan, Marzieh    2011-12-04
23    Using of approximating polynomials in solving a class of time delay optimal control problems    Ph.D    ghomanjani, fateme    2011-12-24
24    The solution of linear quadratic fuzzy optimal control problem    M.Sc.    mohajer bakhtiari, soheil    2011-12-31
25    Solving a class of optimal control problems and its applications    Ph.D    Shirazian, Mohammad    2012-02-07
26    Differential Diagnosis Chest Pain With AHP Fuzzy    M.Sc.    jafarizaveh, mahbouneh    2012-06-14
27    ordering of numerical solution methods ofone dimention burger's equation by fuzzy ahp    M.Sc.    rezaei, ali    2012-07-21
28    Optimality of economic - environmental, Municipale solid waste in fuzzy environment؛ case study: city of Mashhad    Ph.D    shirzoor, zahra    2012-12-31
29    a new approach for solving nonsmooth constrained optimization problems    M.Sc.    sarani, farhad    2013-05-07
30    Design and construction of air suspension ball by Takagi Sugeno fuzzy method.    M.Sc.    شوقی, احمد    2013-06-04
31    Robust control of HIV infection by type-2 fuzzy system    M.Sc.    Zendeh, Manizheh Sadat    2013-06-15
32    Arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation interval parameters predicted by pr    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, Zahra    2013-08-26
33    Numerical Solution Of The Time Optimal Control Systems With Nonsmooth Dynamic    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Zakareia    2013-08-26
34    Solving a Class of Fractional Optimal Control Problems    Ph.D    Soradi zeid, Samaneh    2013-09-16
35    Fuzzy linear programming for optimal nutrition heart patients    M.Sc.    Kazemian, Maryam    2013-10-14
36    solving a class of fractional optimal control problem    Ph.D    safaie, elahe    2013-11-04
37    On fuzzy projection equation and applications    Ph.D    Pakdaman, Morteza    2014-01-13
38    Mathematical modelling and novel approaches to goal oriented taxation in the free trade zones (Sirjan Economic Zone)    Ph.D    ranjbar taghi abad, mahdi    2014-02-08
39    Synchronization of heart pacemakers using dynamic inversion with neural network    M.Sc.    Taherian, Milad    2014-02-15
40    Preventive maintenance based on fuzzy control for a power plant unit    M.Sc.    Ghobadi, Hamid    2014-04-26
41    The approximate timing of the impact of diabetes type 2 on kidney disease due to various factors    M.Sc.    raje, soraya    2014-05-12
42    optimal control of treatment in a basic hepatitis B virus infection of non smooth model    M.Sc.    mohammadian, homa    2014-05-12
43    Recurrent Neural networks approach for solving several convex problems in machine learning    M.Sc.    Mousavi Hashemi, Seyyed Hamid    2014-05-12
44    Developing a fuzzy risk assessment system for operative mortality after CABG surgery    Ph.D    Taghizadeh Nouei, Mahyar    2014-07-12
45    Solving a class of fuzzy dynamical system and its sub-optimal control    Ph.D    Mazandarani, Mehran    2015-01-25
46    Solving of fractional-order optimal control problems by measure theory    Ph.D    ziaei, ehsan    2015-02-15
47    numerical solution of a specified class of fuzzy nonlinear optimization problems    Ph.D    Mazarei, Mohammad Mehdi    2015-03-07
48    numerical solution of a specified class of fuzzy optimal control problems    Ph.D    Behroozpoor, Ali Asghar    2015-03-07
49    Optimal Control of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems along with Persistent Disturbances    M.Sc.    gerivani, mahin    2015-05-04
50    fuzzy control type 2 diabetes with diet    M.Sc.    jafarzadeh, niusha    2015-06-20
51    Approximation solution of fractional order optimal control problems    Ph.D    Rakhshan, Seyed Ali    2015-09-22
52    Aproximate solution of dynamic model ofHIV/AIDS trranmission from contaminated mother to child and its fuzzy model    M.Sc.    Raissosadati, Toktam    2016-01-16
53    Approximate solution of a class of distributed and boundary optimal control problems with partial differential equation constraints    Ph.D    ghasemi, shojaeddin    2016-01-25
54    Structure of hesitant fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy process(HFAHP) and hesitant fuzzy control    Ph.D    mehrparvar, maryam    2016-03-01
55    Development and Analysis of Stability of Special Classes of Systems Described by Fuzzy Differential Equations    Ph.D    Naseh, David    2016-03-10
56    Optimal control of HIV Dieases by Fractional order Dynamic    M.Sc.    saqi, samane    2016-05-09
57    stable adaptive emotional neurocontrol for uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems    Ph.D    Baghbani, Fahimeh    2016-07-10
58    solving a class of time-delay fractional optimal control problem    M.Sc.    alibanaie kavaki, maryam    2016-10-28
59    Projection equation, neural networks and applications    Ph.D    Mansoori, Amin    2017-01-22
60    Sub optimal cutting stocks problem in one-dimensional , two-dimensional , theredimensional    M.Sc.    Hashoosh, Ali Farhan    2017-10-14
61    Encryption and decryption and coding and barcodes with the help of sets and number bases    M.Sc.    AL-AMERI, LAYIH    2018-01-29